Light from Squam Lake reaches into the living room of Longhouse, Rockywold-Deephaven Camps

The tag on our dining room table at last June’s writing workshop called us “Writers from the Natural World.” The actual name of my workshop is Writing from Nature. I loved the minor adjustment in our table sign. Every meal, I’d say something like, “Watch out—here comes a writer from the natural world, AWK AWK AWK.”

Last year’s inaugural Writing from Nature workshop showed us that moving through nature, without a particular agenda, followed by free writing and some guided writing, works. Our goal was to help writers get to new ideas and think differently about how they work. “I particularly liked the close observation and writing while we were observing,” one writer told me afterwards. “Very good advice.”

Writing from Nature is back for 2016! Join me, the editor of Appalachia journal and Connecticut Woodlands magazine and author of dozens of narratives and reported essays on the natural world, for a workshop that helps you find your own new ideas by immersing yourself in nature.

We will convene Friday late afternoon on June 17 at Rockywold-Deephaven Camps in Holderness, New Hampshire, and work and observe together through lunch on Sunday, June 19. I’ve made some changes to the format this year. On Friday night, I will open with a talk about the ecosystem of Squam Lake and the mountains that surround it. Writers will share one-paragraph narratives about the natural world nearest to where they live.

On Saturday, we will again explore the trails and back roads on foot, followed by writing. Lunchtime and just after, we’ll have a surprise visit by a professional writer who will share ideas and tips for selling work. We’ll get on the water this year, and write based on a listening exercise. I’ll also build in some time for reading our work to each other. I will be giving our keynote speech this year on nature writing and climate change.

We’ll also have a book sale, night hike, and early morning (optional) ramble. JOIN US!

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