Judy Benson on geologic history.

One good aspect of my journalist friend Judy Benson’s yearly furlough from The Day, where we met when I was working there, is that we go kayaking once a year. On a Monday we left the business world behind for a half-day as we dipped the blades into the Fourmile River, Long Island Sound, and Pattagansett River on the Old Lyme-East Lyme border. Clouds roiled and reassessed. The wind blew into our faces on our way past Rocky Neck State Park and Giants Neck neighborhood with its giant houses clustered close. Layers of rock long ago joined together supported giant driftwood. Fish hooks, cigarette packages and beer cans were left from someone’s outing to catch stripers. Eight or nine single flip-flop sandles, from small child- to adult-sized, rested at the high tide mark. Their mates? Gone. We took the trash back with us and glided in on the tide. Judy covers health, nuclear power, environment, and science for The Day. Have I left anything out? She is asked to cover topics once handled by four reporters.

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