Connecticut River, looking south from Chester, CT, November 11, 2014

Armistice Day. Veterans’ Day. Four months until my birthday. Opening day of late duck-hunting season. I took this photo of the Connecticut River in Chester, Connecticut, while out for a walk with my friend Priscilla. Shots rang in the distance, but we could not see the duck hunters in their camouflage boats and camouflage clothing. The air was a bit chilly but soft. The work boat in the distance must have been taking out moorings.

The warm season wanes here in southeastern Connecticut, leaving me to wonder if I’ve made the most of the outdoor months this year. Unfinished trail work beckons on the Mattabesett Trail. I’ve been going to writing classes, working on my book, and peddling the anthology I edited on days I might have been in the woods painting blazes. I still work very hard editing two magazines and writing articles, although the book has slowed the article writing this year. All in all, I feel satisfied with what I can do, given what I’ve set out to do.

I wanted to run longer distances this year, but aside from the Traprock 17-kilometer race in April and the Run for the Woods 10K in September, I’ve stuck to running the eternal 3- to 4-mile workouts. I did get up to the White Mountains in July, covering four long days on the ridges. And that was incredibly satisfying. I want to continue pushing myself up the rocks until eternity. I believe that it is the key to a satisfying and healthy life.

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