The report suggests motivating office workers with stickers like this, available at

The courage to change should begin from the top—with the boss: Turn off the lights. Shut down the computer monitors. Print on both sides of the paper. Stop buying bottled water. Just acting different could cut energy use in offices by 4 to 75 percent, Shui Bin writes in a new report for the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, released today.

Many months ago the U.S. House of Representatives launched its program to “Green the Capitol” with a motivational web how-to called “My Green Office.” The report talks about the varying successes of this and other programs and suggests that all companies try greening their offices. Starting from the top, with management.

Bin doesn’t delve into the personal choices people make—driving big cars alone to work vs. walking or taking the train—but sticks to the Dilbert environment.

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