In the new issue of Appalachia journal, published a few weeks ago—

Articles on children, adults, and motivation in the outdoors:

This Counts as a School Day: Why are some kids free to explore the wild, and others aren’t? By Catherine Buni.

Suckled by the Wolf: A mother ponders the nature of wildness. By Kristen Laine.

Everyone Who Starts Will Finish: Warren Doyle’s rules for long-distance group hikes. By Christine Woodside

A Death in Canada, 1896: How it transformed mountaineering. By Ron DArt.

Maps by Hand: The techniques of two early map-makers for the White Mountain Guide. By Loren Johnston.

Quebec’s Weird Frontier: Monts Groulx, an entire earth. By Will Kemeza.

Running the Rope Out: When does a climbing career end? By Douglass P. Teschner.

Ren Zhong Feng and the 1932 American Sikong Expedition: An exercise in armchair mountaineering. By Jeffery Parrette.

Also: The Long Way Home: Along with the alone, by Christine Woodside. Why Kilimanjaro’s glacier is almost gone, by Lisa Densmore. A photo collection rescued from the curb, the Appalachian Mountain Club archivist Rebecca Fullerton. Books of Note. Accidents report by our new accidents editor, Justin Preisendorfer.

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