Laura Waterman, left, awarded the Guy Waterman Alpine Stewardship Award to forester and writer Rebecca Oreskes

Appalachia journal and the career of Rebecca Oreskes both got the attention at the annual dinner of an organization that works to protect alpine summits in the northeastern United States. It took place on Saturday, April 14 in Jackson, New Hampshire. Rebecca, newly retired from the U.S. Forest Service and a longtime writer and editor on conservation and wilderness topics, accepted the Guy Waterman Alpine Stewardship Award from Laura Waterman.

Five years ago the Waterman Fund and Appalachia journal began collaborating on an essay contest. The fund puts up the cash prize (currently $1500 for the winner and $500 for second place). I help judge and work with the writers to revise and edit the stories. We have watched several young writers get starts in writing through the contest. Even those who don’t place have found publication and recognition for their work.

At the dinner, I gave a brief introduction to this year’s co-winner, Bethany Taylor, and the runner-up in 2008, Will Kemeza. Both read from their writing. Will read parts of his contest essay, “Dark Night on Whitewall.” Bethany read from a long piece she wrote for her graduate thesis on the Crawford Path through the Presidential range.

Congratulations to all.

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