A very dark shot. The Deep River, Connecticut town landing at around 9:15 p.m. Monday night of storm Sandy.The lapping water, lit by our car’s headlights and the full moon above, has covered boat landing and parking lot. We skirted this as we drove in.

The wind has been whipping around my small riverfront town for five or six hours. We have to assume this is the edge of Sandy, once a hurricane and now a post-tropical cyclone. The photo here shows a full moon over the flooded boat ramp and parking lot of the Deep River, Connecticut town landing, taken at about 9:15 p.m. All of the water you can see in this photo covers what should be either asphalt or grass. The horizontal things at the left are docks. It’s like late summer weather. We heard crickets going crazy when we got back from the landing. The clouds are breaking up now and the full moon lightens up the branches and sticks littering the grass and streets.

We felt all day as if we were just waiting. After 4 p.m. I got antsy and went for a run with the dog. The rain and wind decided to pick up as I was out there. A large branch broke off and thwumped onto a neighbor’s car. We lost electrical power at about 5:30. Smart phone-less, I’m online via my trusty Verizon Mifi mobile broadband, which I’ll be able to charge in my car tomorrow.

My sister, down on the Delaware River in Titusville, New Jersey, has endured one large branch or tree landing on her back porch and another tree falling down in the woods behind her house. “My nerves are shot,” she texted me. Hang in there, courageous sister. (Her husband is a lieutenant with an ambulance service and she often rides out these emergencies without him.)

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