Mark Kramer

Announcing the keynote speaker at my Writing from Nature workshop this June 12-14: Mark Kramer, narrative writer and teacher, director of Boston University’s The Power of Narrative writing conference, my writing workshop leader, and author of the books Three Farms, Invasive Procedures, and more. Sign up by March 1 to get a 10-percent discount. A beautiful Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, two nights, all meals, all guidance and materials, for only $675.

Mark’s talk is called, “Keeping Pace: Understanding and working with the elements that make readers eager for the next paragraph, page, incident.”

If we define PACE as the reader’s eagerness to keep going, we can then figure out what factors contribute to their experiencing of text, and why and how and when to control these factors. The goal is to better understand why the good work you’re already doing works, so you can do more of it, more intentionally and more often.

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