Dry in this photo, but the marsh by Old Quarry Road in Guilford, CT, floods the pavement in storms.

* I’m getting ready to head to the Pacific Northwest in two weeks. I will visit Seattle to learn about its efforts to use less energy, and the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute in Corvallis, Oregon.

* Not too long ago, a municipal conservation director’s job centered around maps, meetings and the occasional field walk. But these are not normal times. The effects of climate change on the rate of sea-level rise has hit the streets of every coastal town in Connecticut. I published an article in the winter Wrack Lines magazine on what the towns and cities are doing to adapt.

* Hope to have some news soon on the book I’ve been writing about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter.

* This winter I am finishing a radio story about rattlesnakes. They’re not doing so well in New England. They seem to attract illegal collectors.

* The winter issue of Connecticut Woodlands magazine is at the printer. Its theme is “Try This At Home”—it’s full of articles on how children and adults can practice good skills like tracking power use, composting, and connecting with the outdoors. The principles come from a Connecticut curriculum called Project Learning Tree. To learn more about the issue, visit its publisher, the non-profit Connecticut Forest & Park Association. Back issues are posted there. Subscribe by joining CFPA.

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