Tires, auger, car door, and other junk hauled out of the woods

About seven years ago, after covering thousands of miles of woods trails over many years of hiking, my husband Nat and I signed up to be trail maintainers for part of the Mattabesett Trail in Middletown, Connecticut. The project we’re in the midst of now at the River Road terminus of the trail illustrates why good hiking trails always mean that somebody worked very hard.

We are moving the trailhead to make it more pleasant and easier to begin hiking from the easternmost point of this trail, which is now part of the New England Trail, a national scenic trail desgnated by the U.S. Congress. Several days ago, a crew from my husband’s school helped us haul out this stuff. All New England woods come with a story. This land was industrial at one time. The trees have reclaimed it and today Northeast Utilities is helping us make our new trailhead.

Let me be clear about the fact that many more experienced trail workers are helping us with the project now that the junk is out of the way. Goodbye auger, car door, tires, and other hunks of metal. Hello clear hiking.

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