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May 14, 2013
What Makes Climate Communicator George Marshall Tick? - George Marshall_New_York_0029

Who is George Marshall? And why is he devoting his life to talking about climate change?

NEW YORK, N.Y. — George Marshall, in suit pants and fedora, looks like a distracted businessman, but in fact he’s a missionary in a cultural crusade to get people to talk about climate change. And he has no fear of hostile retorts.
In a restaurant in New York City, on one of his infrequent trips from Wales, he recently dropped his menu, stood up, and stepped over to the next table. “Excuse me, is that salad good?” The diners looked surprised, but they said that yes...

SEJ Journal, Spring 2013
Goal-Setting 101: You Must Lose a Fly to Catch a Trout - IMG_0012


Early in my freelance career, a successful writer giving a talk about his six-figure income reminded me that I am a business owner. Hearing this made me sit up a little straighter and remember the “free” part of freelancing — choosing my work. But of course, with freedom comes responsibility.

As business owners, we must make a business plan that plays to our talents, enthusiasm and energy. Every year since 2000, when I left my staff newspaper job and started freelancing full-time, I list business goals, by hand, in spiral-bound notebooks I keep.

Appalachia journal, Winter/Spring 2013

Going up there and being blown on is nothing. We never do much climbing while we are there, but we eat our luncheon, etc., very much as at home. It is after we get home that we really go over the mountain, if ever.
—Henry David Thoreau, in a letter to a friend

This is an answer to those who ask why, if I’m so smart, I hike alone.
   I came from a big, noisy, family full of males. It operated on the principle that problems resolve through loud arguments and even tantrums. Maybe sometimes they must. But I did not realize when I left...

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