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July 15, 2016
Long 91-Mile Trail - IMG_0051

My husband Nat and I are back from our 91-mile adventure on the Long Trail!

We met some incredibly strong, funny, thoughtful, adventurous people. And trekked for two days with our dear friend and mountain companion Skip. Thanks, Candlelight and Velveeta, Trailspice, Becky and Levi, the Utah couple, Babyface and Stefan, and the Three Remaining Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Famine, War, and Death)! You inspired us. And thanks to the Let's Go Crew (Allas-y, Konesburg, and Basai), who found my backup alcohol stoves at Cowles Cove and mailed them back to me from Jonesville, Vermont....

June 2, 2016
A slim biography of masterful storytelling - Wilson and Edith Wilson, Armistice Day 1922

A 125-page biography in the Penguin Lives series blends storytelling and journalism in a clear, fast-paced overview of a complicated man, Woodrow Wilson. The novelist Louis Auchincloss synthesized many thousands of pages of reading and understanding. A writer who studies and uses the lessons in this book's structure will find readers hanging on, putting off eating lunch. A few weeks ago an early reader of my next book paid me that kind of compliment: he'd stayed up too late reading my manuscript. In other words, he didn't want to stop. Now, I hope everyone has that reaction. If...

May 22, 2016
Nature and the Ghosts of Thinkers - image

I just came back from Stone Pond, where Annie and I worked with my husband, Nat, getting my inlaws' family cottage ready for Writing from Nature, my second annual workshop. I heard a new story from a neighbor. It's about the giant red mansion next to the house where we'll be. The history of that next-door house includes writers, a murder, intellectuals, a German refugee who came here to be a gardener after Hitler forced him out of his job as a judge, and the woman who offered him that job, Justine Kershaw, after whom the gravel road Kershaw Avenue is named. A later resident...

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