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September 27, 2015
Sunday afternoon thoughts - IMG_2840

Here in southern California—er, I mean rainless Deep River, Connecticut—my husband and I visited for a few hours this afternoon with my sister Annie. She and her daughter, Shannon, were on their way back to New Jersey after a weekend spent relaxing in Rhode Island with our sister-in-law Julie. Something about walking around the neighborhood with sympathetic souls that makes a day wonderful. We share a kinship around being the only sisters in a family of boys, and two siblings who support each other through the changing tides of life. I love watching her care for her daughter...

September 15, 2015
Retreat over, have emerged - Madison and Adams clouds

I retreated to Randolph, New Hamphire. For two weeks. I wrote and edited chapters of my next book, Libertarians on the Prairie. I revised and printed out. I revised again and printed out again. I looked at Mount Madison and Mount Adams, visible from my writing table. At around day ten, I encountered a headwind in my mind, and I could not think about my book. So I went into town for breakfast and began driving around rural Shelburne, where the Appalachian Trail crosses Route 2 shortly before the Maine border. Three thru-hikers (hiking from Georgia to Maine) were hitchhiking,...

August 21, 2015
Back from the Mountains - 11889642_10153590332619433_1052328457657306392_n

Early this week, my husband Nat, daughters Elizabeth and Annie, and Elizabeth's boyfriend, Greg, hiked up to Mount Garfield in the White Mountains and stayed at Garfield Ridge Campsite. Sixteen mountains in the United States are named after the president who was assassinated one year into his presidency in 1881. This one, although smaller than many of them, is one of the more impressive peaks in the Whites. The lichen and moss seem to pop off the rocks, and the view extends fully around when one is lucky enough to get a clear one.

I'm busy with work this summer and so this...

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