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Connecticut Woodlands magazine summer 2011

Editor’s Note
A forgotten book
One spring morning, I wrenched myself away from the kitchen table and went on a run. You know how that is. Work beckons but if you don’t get some exercise now, you’ll start snapping at people. It was starting to rain. I loped onto my 3-mile route, out Union Street in Deep River, crossing into Chester. At the end of Straits Road, I decided to push on a bit farther, across Route 148 and up the steep Pleasant Street. (Hiking season was here; I could use a little hill training.)

As I neared the hill crest, I noticed boxes of...

October 29, 2012

The largest hurricane in our lifetimes is about to crash into my home state of New Jersey. Here's a ">map showing the progress.

August 21, 2015
Back from the Mountains - 11889642_10153590332619433_1052328457657306392_n

Early this week, my husband, two daughters, and one of the daughter's boyfriend hiked up to Mount Garfield in the White Mountains and stayed at Garfield Ridge Campsite. Sixteen mountains in the United States are named after the president who was assassinated one year into his presidency in 1881. This one, although smaller than many of them, is one of the more impressive peaks in the Whites. The lichen and moss seem to pop off the rocks, and the view extends fully around when one is lucky enough to get a clear one.

I'm busy with work this summer and so this was my major White...

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