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“As one follows the main highways or railroads between Boston and Washington, D.C., one hardly loses sight of built-up areas, tightly woven residential communities, or powerful concentrations of manufacturing plants. Flying this same route one discovers, on the other hand, that behind the ribbons of densely occupied land along the principal arteries of traffic, and in between the clusters of suburbs round the old urban centers, there still remain large areas covered with woods and brush alternating with some carefully cultivated patches of farmland. These green spaces, however, when...

Connecticut Woodlands magazine summer 2011

Editor’s Note
A forgotten book
One spring morning, I wrenched myself away from the kitchen table and went on a run. You know how that is. Work beckons but if you don’t get some exercise now, you’ll start snapping at people. It was starting to rain. I loped onto my 3-mile route, out Union Street in Deep River, crossing into Chester. At the end of Straits Road, I decided to push on a bit farther, across Route 148 and up the steep Pleasant Street. (Hiking season was here; I could use a little hill training.)

As I neared the hill crest, I noticed boxes of...

October 29, 2012

The largest hurricane in our lifetimes is about to crash into my home state of New Jersey. Here's a ">map showing the progress.

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