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July 23, 2010
What ignites the outdoor passion of the next generation? - Cover_AppalachiaSF10_11

In the new issue of Appalachia journal, published a few weeks ago—

Articles on children, adults, and motivation in the outdoors:

This Counts as a School Day: Why are some kids free to explore the wild, and others aren't? By Catherine Buni.

Suckled by the Wolf: A mother ponders the nature of wildness. By Kristen Laine.

Everyone Who Starts Will Finish: Warren Doyle's rules for long-distance group hikes. By Christine Woodside

A Death in Canada, 1896: How it transformed mountaineering. By Ron DArt.

Maps by Hand: The techniques of two...

July 16, 2010
Flooded swimming area - scaled.DSCF2461

Spring floods extend into deep summer at the large Army Corps of Engineers reservoir called Coralville Lake just north of Iowa City.

See the top of the gazebo, left hand side of this scene? Trails have water over low areas, too.

July 9, 2010
Sign at restored prairie, Coralville Lake, Iowa - scaled.Restored prairie sign Coralville

The Coralville Reservoir is an Army Corps of Engineers lake north of Iowa City, Iowa, where I'm spending the week. This sign appears at a patch of restored prairie just below the dam. It explains the characteristics of prairies and reminds us that most of Iowa used to be prairies.

And it says: "Much of the United States' farmland was once prairies, which are now used to produce such agricultural products as diet soda pop, cooking oil, crayons, and plastics."

When I think of farm products, the first thing on my mind is diet soda pop.

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