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September 21, 2010
Legs begin to move, thoughts begin to flow - scaled.DSCF2858

I am back from a trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I climbed Owl's Head, the subject of a previous "Get This," and five other mountains. I climbed to the ridge where Mount Monroe waited behind freezing rain, a few snowflakes, high winds, and fog. My friends tell me I already summitted Monroe. I like the uncertainty. Most of all, as Thoreau said, "Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."

Which thoughts? First just realizations. By day four or so I realized that back home I wasn't getting enough sleep, was...

August 23, 2010
The mountain I said I would never climb - Owl's Head scaled

This mountain, the lopsided, bulbous ridge on the right, is much lower than the one on which I stood to take this picture, but it intimidates me more.It's known as Owl's Head, after a portion of its long ridge. Except for the smallish procession of people called peakbaggers who want to climb all of the mountains in New Hampshire over a certain elevation, no one would climb it. It doesn't seem to want to be climbed. It wants to be by itself.

There's something scary about it, off by itself there. It is completely in the trees. So to climb it is to understand that you...

August 10, 2010
A set of expectations punishing to women - scaled.Chris writing at B and B late Dec 2009

New York Times writer David Leonhardt brought out the old whiny sigh on August 3 about how hard it is for women to get ahead in America. He opens with a terrible microcosm of the labor market or society: the Supreme Court. Golly gee, the last three women nominated to the high court were all single with no children. This should tell us something, he thinks.

"Men and women are not identical, of course," he writes. "Many more women take time off from work. Many more women work part time at...

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