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November 12, 2010
Junk from the past, all part of trail work - scaled.Junk trail_IMG_3671

About seven years ago, after covering thousands of miles of woods trails over many years of hiking, my husband Nat and I signed up to be trail maintainers for part of the Mattabesett Trail in Middletown, Connecticut. The project we're in the midst of now at the River Road terminus of the trail illustrates why good hiking trails always mean that somebody worked very hard.

We are moving the trailhead to make it more pleasant and easier to begin hiking from the easternmost point of this trail, which is now part of the New England Trail, a national scenic trail desgnated by the U.S...

November 6, 2010
The last sunset, sort of - scaled.Sunset Nov. 6

Here is the last sunset of the summer, so to speak. The day after I saw this view out of my kitchen window, I would expect total darkness at the same hour. The latest incarnation of the law governing Daylight Saving Time takes us a week past Halloween with sort-of late sunsets. By the way, former President George W. Bush backed this extension of DST because he hoped it would save energy. There isn't a lot of evidence one way or another about that. We are Americans who turn on our lights getting up or going to sleep.

Regardless of the clocks, I am always struck at this time of...

October 26, 2010
Free water - scaled.DSCF3003

The United States still seems big when I travel thousands of miles from Connecticut. Here in this photograph a sensibility I don't see in Connecticut greets everyone headed to the rest rooms of the University of Montana's student center. The Society of Environmental Journalists held most of its conference events in this building from October 13-17, 2010. I had three days to think about what went into posting this sign.

Perhaps 13 years ago I wrote my first article for The Day (in New London, Connecticut) comparing the quality of water from a municipal system to bottled water...

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