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written for The New York Times

WHEN it comes to geographical lessons, Connecticut has two that it doesn't share with just anybody.

Tourists often visit Dinosaur State Park, a spot where fossilized dinosaur footprints are surrounded by an arena. And they know about the quiet, undulating ocean coast near Mystic, where the landscape resembles Maine. Some visitors even understand that the reason there is no harbor in Old Saybrook, at the mouth of the Connecticut River, is that the 450-mile-long river ends on a sandbar.

The small town of Deep River, in south-central Connecticut, holds one of the state's...

The New York Times, September 13, 1998

THE sea level is rising 2 millimeters a year, too little to notice year to year but enough to send the waves toward beach houses and sea walls over the next two generations.

The tidal marshes that once covered most of the Connecticut shoreline, having been replaced by train tracks, houses, Interstate 95, industry and marinas, were expected to get a new life from the creeping water. Scientists thought the remaining marshes would migrate inland. For some reason, many of them are not doing this.

To find out why, a graduate student at Connecticut College in New London is studying...

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