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written for The Hartford Courant

Each summer for one afternoon, a giant fife-and-drum parade comes to my quiet town. Thousands of people come to watch the bands. Selling ice cream at the Deep River Ancient Muster had always seemed like a sure way to make a bundle.

It’s not.

I broke basic business rules. I thought I understood how people would act at a big public event, but I didn’t. I lost almost a hundred dollars and tested the goodwill of my assistants, who included my husband, our next-door neighbor, a friend, his teenage son (who pushed my cart from our house) and my sales clerks—our...

written for The Day
A Frenzy for Glass Eels  - ELVER

In the middle of the night in Millville, N.J., someone stole a van—not for the van, but for the tanks stashed in back, which were set up to hold thousands of baby American eels. When the thief realized the tanks were empty, he left the van in a lot.

On a quiet creek off the Delaware River, a fisherman arriving at his favorite spot became angered when he came upon someone else netting the tiny eels. He left, but not before shooting at the other fisherman's truck with a shotgun.

In Japan, smoked eel is prized, especially in sushi. Because eels have been overfished in...

written for The Day

Mystic—The top polar bear expert in North America told an audience of scientists that global warming is hurting polar bears in western Hudson Bay.
The 1,000-pound bears rely on a window of several weeks in the early spring to lumber across the ice and kill seals. This is their major gorge of the year, said Dr. Ian Stirling, a research scientist for the Canadian Wildlife Service.

In the last decade the ice has begun to melt earlier, leaving the bears less time to eat. Over the last 40 years the temperature has risen steadily in this part of the Arctic, suggesting that...

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