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Newspaper Articles, May 20, 2011
Electricity Demand at Home is Rising - fan

An annual report on the Connecticut environment tells of a worrisome trend: residents used more electricity in 2010 at home than in the three years before that.

The increase was due to the sweltering summer, when air conditioning units turned on more often and worked harder.

Even those people who used electricity more efficiently most of the year used more during heat waves. The Connecticut Council on Environmental Quality reported this in its year report, “Environmental Quality in Connecticut”, citing local and national sources.

Using more power at home is...

The Connecticut Mirror
Freight rail in Connecticut suffering from neglect - Freight NECR 608 Freeport-McMoran Copper Norwich, CT 010410

The logic seems sound: If more of Connecticut's goods were moved on freight trains instead of trucks, diesel fuel emissions would be reduced, traffic would be lighter, and the state would save money on highway widening and repairs.

But in the last two rounds of federal transportation grants, all of the grants in Connecticut went to moving commuters on rail, pedestrians on sidewalks, or people in cars. Moving freight on rails got nothing.

"It's less sexy," said state Rep. David McCluskey, D-West Hartford, who as a member of the General Assembly's...

written for The New York Times

MARGARET DEEGAN SLYWKA knows painfully well what happened 33 years ago, the last time the clocks changed to daylight saving time in the winter. Then a 14-year-old sophomore living in Seymour, Conn., she was hit by a car while walking to high school on Jan. 7, 1974 -- the day after President Nixon ordered that clocks be moved ahead an hour -- and she ended up in a coma for two weeks and a body cast for months.
Ms. Slywka (pronounced sa-LEW-ka), now 48 and living in Middlebury, recovered but says that the only details of the accident that she can recall are those that others have told...

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