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The Connecticut Mirror
Different Views on the Use of Waterfront Land - scaled.CT Mirror cottage crunch

It’s not often that civilization is demolished to make way for wild birds, especially within sight of Connecticut’s largest city. That’s what’s happening on a long barrier beach between Bridgeport and Stratford.

On the Stratford side, a yellow excavator crashed its bucket into the roof of cottage number 31 of Long Beach West last week. Timed to avoid most of the rare shore birds’ nesting seasons, the excavator turned the abandoned beach house into a debris pile within about 10 minutes.

By Thanksgiving, the original 37 cottages and 27 outbuildings...
Summer's Killing Combination: Sewage Treatment and Long Island Sound - Hypoxia chart

It is a killing combination: Connecticut’s developed coast bumps up against Long Island Sound, a quiet body of water with few exit points to the open ocean. Each summer, a dead zone forms at the western end. Oxygen levels in this 101-square-mile area kill marine life and acts as a sign of too much nitrogen entering the water.

Is the eastern stretch of the Sound exempt from the problems nitrogen causes? No. At the eastern end, the water is deeper and mixes more readily with fresh ocean water, but there the Sound still takes on the effluent and runoff of millions of people. How..., July 9, 2011
Was It a Mountain Lion? A Guide - EnviroNews-mountain-lion_wide

Despite many sightings over the years, it's doubtful Connecticut has mountain lions

For 25 years, Connecticut residents have reported seeing mountain lions. Out of hundreds of sightings, only one time could they prove it actually was one.

That happened in the middle of the night on June 11, when a car hit and killed a large, healthy-looking mountain lion that was trying to run across the Wilbur Cross Parkway near Exit 55 in Milford.

The eastern cougar that once roamed the state has been declared extinct by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The...

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