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written for The New York Times

FOR 43 years, Joan Brainard has been hanging laundry twice a week in her backyard in Deep River. All she requires is dry weather above 20 degrees.

Her routine is so established that if neighbors do not see wash pinned to her two 50-foot clotheslines, they ask if she is all right, said her husband, David, 73.

“Basically, I like the way it comes in,” said Mrs. Brainard, 69. “It smells fresh and clean and not like a dryer sheet.”

But there is also a practical reason, one that has some calling on people to unplug their dryers and air dry their...

written for The Washington Post

On October 25, 2002, schoolchildren in the Washington area emerged gleefully from locked classrooms and ran out to the playground. “Recess is back,” proclaimed The Washington Post. But had the snipers who shut down ordinary life for weeks chosen to attack in Chicago, or Atlanta, or parts of Texas and Florida -- or many other places -- the children wouldn't have marked the return to normality by going out for recess again. Children in these places do not have recess—ever.

Recess has been disappearing quietly, school by school, for at least two decades. Its...

The Connecticut Mirror, March 7, 2011
Moving to a "Green Economy": The Unmarked Road Ahead - scaled.Esty at podium in December

It's an alluring proposition: Connecticut solves its major energy problems while creating a new economy, cuts greenhouse gas emissions while building a new job base. People and the planet both win.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy emphasized the green economy and creation of green jobs during his campaign, and named man who wrote the book on the subject-literally-as his environmental protection commissioner and chief energy advisor.

But experts agree that building a green economy will require major policy changes and lots of money. And there's no clear course to follow.


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