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My mother Gloria, 35-ish years ago, at around the time I sent the four-page typed letter. A few weeks ago my three brothers, sister, and I needed to pack up some objects and papers from our past. We didn't have much time, so our minds jolted into hyper-focus. Who...

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Wilderness writing

On Saturday I gathered around writer Laura Waterman's log-house table in Vermont with the good people of the Waterman Fund Essay Contest Committee. We reviewed a few dozen narrative pieces by new writers about wild places and their importance. We have a winner, and a...

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 Chris Woodside is a writer and editor who writes about the history of ordinary Americans and the environment.

Her next book will be about New Jersey tenant farmers. Chris is the editor of Appalachia journal, America’s longest-running mountaineering and adventure journal. Interested in submitting to the journal? See the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page.

She earned her master’s degree in history on May 6, 2019 from Arizona State University.

Libertarians on the Prairie, her book about the lives and collaboration of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter, is available in hardback and a paperback edition with a Foreword by Stephen Heuser.  Order one today.

Flashback: Chris appears throughout Don Bernier’s 2005 film, “In a Nutshell,” about a brilliant, eccentric artist who found herself homeless in her 90s. A clip here.

Listen to Chris tell a story at Connecticut Forest & Park Association’s wildlife story slam about running into a mama bear and her cubs.



Chris Woodside was born in Philadelphia into a large family at the tail end of the baby boom, grew up Princeton, New Jersey, studied American civilization at the University of Pennsylvania, and has worked as a journalist for a long time. Chris edits the mountaineering and conservation journal Appalachia.  Read about her Appalachian Trail thru hike here.



Writing Workshops

Chris often teaches at writing workshops around New England. Watch this space for news of upcoming events.

No Limits But the Sky

Cover The Best Mountaineering Stories from Appalachia Journal 2014, Appalachian Mountain Club Books This anthology collects the most riveting, real-life adventure stories from America's oldest mountaineering and conservation journal, Appalachia. Each of these essays,...

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Doctors and Computers

Dr. Kristen Zarfos with a patient., December 5, 2014 Not the best examining-room combo By Christine Woodside and Dr. Kristen Zarfos   Researchers conducting dozens of studies in recent years have asked patients how they feel when their doctors stare...

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Helen Binney Kitchel

Helen Binney Kitchel in a 1970s newspaper clipping Connecticut Woodlands magazine, Summer 2015 Champion of nature A few years ago, Greenwich local history librarian Carl White called Helen Binney Kitchel “the Rachel Carson of Greenwich, Connecticut.” The two women...

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Four Quartets and Eight Legs

The Eight-Legged Thing outside the Caratunk, Maine Post Office. From left: Chris Woodside, Cay Lodine, Phil Lodine, Nat Eddy Appalachia journal, Summer/Fall 2014 Rituals fortify an Appalachian Trail trek The thin paperback's cover bent back. My friend Phil held it up...

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