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Mountains in a pandemic: a call for submissions

Mountains in a pandemic: a call for submissions

I am the editor of Appalachia journal, the country's oldest journal  of mountaineering and conservation. We take a literary approach to wilderness and adventure. We are living through an unprecedented pandemic, something no one alive today has ever seen. This will go...

The clattering-of-feet landscape

The clattering-of-feet landscape

Looking through 20-year-old photos this week, I glimpsed the full landscape of my personal life in a true, complete way. And realized that I have neglected that landscape as a writer, creating here and in my published articles this sense that I spend all my time...


History/environment writer Christine Woodside is a visiting professor in the journalism department at the University of Connecticut in 2020-21.

Chris is working on books about her wilderness travels and New Jersey tenant farmers. She edits Appalachia journal (submit button at the bottom of the page). She also edits environment stories for The Conversation US.

She earned her master’s degree in history in May 2019 from Arizona State University.

Libertarians on the Prairie, Chris’s book about the lives and collaboration of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter, has established itself in scholarship of the mysterious and gripping “Little House” books. She talks about limited government and the Little House books in this new episode of Sean Braswell’s podcast, “Flashback.” Libertarians on the Prairie is available in hardback and a paperback edition with a Foreword by Stephen Heuser.  Order one today.


Going back in time a bit: Chris appears throughout Don Bernier’s 2005 film, “In a Nutshell,” about a brilliant, eccentric artist who found herself homeless in her 90s. A clip here.

Listen to Chris tell a story at Connecticut Forest & Park Association’s wildlife story slam about running into a mama bear and her cubs.


Chris Woodside was born in Philadelphia into a large family at the tail end of the baby boom, grew up Princeton, New Jersey, studied American civilization at the University of Pennsylvania, and has worked as a journalist for a long time. Chris edits the mountaineering and conservation journal Appalachia.  Read about her Appalachian Trail thru hike here.



Writing Workshops

Chris often teaches at writing workshops around New England. Watch this space for news of upcoming events.

Libertarians on the Prairie

Libertarians on the Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder, left, and her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, as they looked in the 1930s, when they worked on the "Little House" books Now available from your favorite outlet. Coming out in paperback in October 2017 Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane, and the...

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