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Walking into new ideas: 2017 workshop set for June 2-4

Walking into new ideas: 2017 workshop set for June 2-4 - IMG_0689

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December 1, 2016

I published Libertarians on the Prairie this fall after many years of work. At various points over the past 15 years, I doubted I would be able to finish it. But through the help of trusted teachers and colleagues, and my regular rambles, runs, and hikes in the low and high backcountry, I kept my eye on what I knew, committed, and I wrote the drafts.

Now that it's out, I ask, what book calls me next? I am walking through my ideas here in southeastern Connecticut. You might have hopes for a book or essay that you've pushed aside for years. Maybe you already know that the flash of a true idea usually comes when you are doing something that has nothing to do with writing. That flash comes to me while moving through nature, and I have developed a workshop, now in its third year, where I share what I learned.

Writing from Nature is not a traditional writers' workshop. It's a safe place where writers from all walks of life, of all ages, and all levels of experience come together and write new ideas. We walk, usually by ourselves but in the safety of marked trails. We move through nature without any particular agenda. Then we return and write. I will guide you. I will tell stories of how I and other writers have used nature to meet ourselves and our ideas.

I write best in nature because there I see the tiny scale of humans and the vastness of animal instinct. It's there that I realize how short time is. When, if not now, for those writing days? Come and write with me. Sign up here.