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Newspaper Articles, December 5, 2014
Doctors and Computers - Zarfos

Not the best examining-room combo

By Christine Woodside and Dr. Kristen Zarfos

Researchers conducting dozens of studies in recent years have asked patients how they feel when their doctors stare at personal digital assistants or laptop...

The Boston Globe, August 11, 2013
Little Libertarians on the Prairie - Little Libertarians Globe illustration

A few months after the stock market crash, in the winter of 1930, Laura Ingalls Wilder sat at a small desk in Mansfield, Mo., and began writing down her life story in pencil. She had rattled in wagons from cabin to sod house to shanty, slept to the howling of wolves, endured...

October 7, 2014
Japanese article quotes Chris Woodside. Subject: the Little House books - Japanese paper map

This is an unofficial translation of an article by Daisuke Nakai, which originally appeared in Asahi Shimbun, a daily newspaper in Japan. Nakai is based in New York and this summer visited Laura Ingalls Wilder's house sites in South Dakota. His article addressed how...

written for The New York Times
Mom and the Girls, Taking the Upward Trail - Elizabeth and Annie's feet

YEARS ago, I decided to take my two young daughters backpacking on the Appalachian Trail. If it went well, I thought, we would go again the next year. We would hike girls-only, without their father. He and I had hiked from Georgia to Maine before they were born. I was sure that Elizabeth, who...

Place section, The Hartford Courant
Barn Voyage: Newer buildings reflect Connecticut's farm roots - Salt_Shed_Photo1_manchester

A harried commuter buzzes along the highway. A field rises up to the right. At the top of the knoll stands a simple brown barn, its gambrel roof outlined against the early morning sun. Ah, a fleeting visual respite from the modern world, a journey back to the agrarian past, a simpler time when...

written for Blue Ridge Press
Return to Levittown - Levittown, Gottscho-Schleisner collection

In the 1960s my three brothers, sister, parents, and I used to visit my Uncle Woody, who lived in Levittown, Pennsylvania, one of the most famous suburban developments in America.

Uncle Woody was visibly proud of his little house. It was immaculate inside and out. He put a bowl of fancy...

written for The New York Times

FOR 43 years, Joan Brainard has been hanging laundry twice a week in her backyard in Deep River. All she requires is dry weather above 20 degrees.

Her routine is so established that if neighbors do not see wash pinned to her two 50-foot clotheslines, they ask if she is all right, said her...

written for The Washington Post

On October 25, 2002, schoolchildren in the Washington area emerged gleefully from locked classrooms and ran out to the playground. “Recess is back,” proclaimed The Washington Post. But had the snipers who shut down ordinary life for weeks chosen to attack in Chicago, or Atlanta, or...

The Connecticut Mirror, March 7, 2011
Moving to a "Green Economy": The Unmarked Road Ahead - scaled.Esty at podium in December

It's an alluring proposition: Connecticut solves its major energy problems while creating a new economy, cuts greenhouse gas emissions while building a new job base. People and the planet both win.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy emphasized the green economy and creation of green jobs during...

The Connecticut Mirror
Different Views on the Use of Waterfront Land - scaled.CT Mirror cottage crunch

It’s not often that civilization is demolished to make way for wild birds, especially within sight of Connecticut’s largest city. That’s what’s happening on a long barrier beach between Bridgeport and Stratford.

On the Stratford side, a yellow excavator crashed its...
Summer's Killing Combination: Sewage Treatment and Long Island Sound - Hypoxia chart

It is a killing combination: Connecticut’s developed coast bumps up against Long Island Sound, a quiet body of water with few exit points to the open ocean. Each summer, a dead zone forms at the western end. Oxygen levels in this 101-square-mile area kill marine life and acts as a sign of..., July 9, 2011
Was It a Mountain Lion? A Guide - EnviroNews-mountain-lion_wide

Despite many sightings over the years, it's doubtful Connecticut has mountain lions

For 25 years, Connecticut residents have reported seeing mountain lions. Out of hundreds of sightings, only one time could they prove it actually was one.

That happened in the..., May 20, 2011
Electricity Demand at Home is Rising - fan

An annual report on the Connecticut environment tells of a worrisome trend: residents used more electricity in 2010 at home than in the three years before that.

The increase was due to the sweltering summer, when air conditioning units turned on more often and worked harder.


The Connecticut Mirror
Freight rail in Connecticut suffering from neglect - Freight NECR 608 Freeport-McMoran Copper Norwich, CT 010410

The logic seems sound: If more of Connecticut's goods were moved on freight trains instead of trucks, diesel fuel emissions would be reduced, traffic would be lighter, and the state would save money on highway widening and repairs.

But in the last two rounds of federal transportation...

written for The New York Times

MARGARET DEEGAN SLYWKA knows painfully well what happened 33 years ago, the last time the clocks changed to daylight saving time in the winter. Then a 14-year-old sophomore living in Seymour, Conn., she was hit by a car while walking to high school on Jan. 7, 1974 -- the day after President...

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