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May 22, 2016
Nature and the Ghosts of Thinkers - image

I just came back from Stone Pond, where Annie and I worked with my husband, Nat, getting my inlaws' family cottage ready for Writing from Nature, my second annual workshop. I heard a new story from a neighbor. It's about the giant red mansion next to the house where we'll be. The history of that next-door house includes writers, a murder, intellectuals, a German refugee who came here to be a gardener after Hitler forced him out of his job as a judge, and the woman who offered him that job, Justine Kershaw, after whom the gravel road Kershaw Avenue is named. A later resident...

May 1, 2016
Observing without a notebook or cell phone - image

Resist the temptation to write or photograph as you walk through the fields or woods or desert or bog. When we stop and consider the right word while looking at the broken bird's egg, we lose part of our reaction. The same disconnect apparently happens during photographing. One second you're looking, touching, listening, and thinking of what that brings up. The next you're halting the reaction and thinking about the photo. Take it slowly. Be in the now for one hour. Go back after the hour and write then. You will remember what you saw. You will remember, too, your thoughts...

March 3, 2016
Why I started a writing workshop, and what happened when I did - Stone Pond waterfront

I have been a writer for 35 years. Much of what I've achieved so far, I've figured out by myself. But some of what I figured out, I would have loved if someone had told me early. Mainly: Trust yourself.

Also: Those doubters are not the true voices. Go and see what you see in these woods, and be open to what ideas flow out of you then.

I feel the time is here to share what I learned the hard way with others who want to awaken their ideas. Writing from Nature is a workshop about doing, not about...

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