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December 31, 2009
People Using Less Oil - k8247-15i

The New York Times's Jad Mouawad has reported that despite fears that the United States would need more oil refineries, people are using so much less oil now than they were only two years ago that refineries have shut down in Delaware, New Jersey, California, and New Mexico.

"Gasoline demand, which many analysts had long expected to keep rising for decades, is down sharply in the recession. And refiners are increasingly convinced that even after the economy recovers, demand will not grow much in coming years because of the rise of alternative fuel supplies and the advent...

December 17, 2009

As Americans become more accustomed to pictures of dead bodies in the media, we are told less and less of the details of ordinary citizens' deaths. Only major newspapers, like The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, and the Los Angeles Times, still pay writers to report obituaries.

In smaller cities and most small towns, the obituaries are now completely the domain of the deceased person's family. No one is checking the facts as sent in by the funeral director—a practice that was standard for many years.

Newspapers that once devoted staff time to a neutral...

“As one follows the main highways or railroads between Boston and Washington, D.C., one hardly loses sight of built-up areas, tightly woven residential communities, or powerful concentrations of manufacturing plants. Flying this same route one discovers, on the other hand, that behind the ribbons of densely occupied land along the principal arteries of traffic, and in between the clusters of suburbs round the old urban centers, there still remain large areas covered with woods and brush alternating with some carefully cultivated patches of farmland. These green spaces, however, when...

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