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Coming on Saturday, March 18

This workshop is for anyone who has ever felt called to write, but didn't know how to get started. Chris  will lead participants through a series of exercises to get in touch with the creative spirit and allow the words to flow. Workshop will include lunch.

Saturday, March 18 from 11 to 3 p.m. at St. John's Episcopal Church, Essex, Connecticut.

December 21, 2016
A misbehaving horse's lesson - IMG_0724

I took riding lessons for a few years, starting at age 49. At first I had no instincts. I lacked courage, and the horse knew it. I sometimes praised a misbehaving horse, hoping he would behave soon. He would turn the opposite direction from what I’d just directed—to test me—and I would not correct him. My teacher, Terry Schreiber, would grab the horse’s bridle, yank it, turn him the right way, and sometimes give a slap. She’d look up at me and say, “See? He wants to be disciplined.” The horse sighed, deeply, like a shudder almost. “Hear him...

December 1, 2016
Walking into new ideas: 2017 workshop set for June 2-4 - IMG_0689

I published Libertarians on the Prairie this fall after many years of work. At various points over the past 15 years, I doubted I would be able to finish it. But through the help of trusted teachers and colleagues, and my regular rambles, runs, and hikes in the low and high backcountry, I kept my eye on what I knew, committed, and I wrote the drafts.

Now that it's out, I ask, what book calls me next? I am walking through my ideas here in southeastern Connecticut....

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